Fast and quality monitoring
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paper reporting

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Mobile Monitoring

9 out of 10 monitoring staff fill out paper forms.
The processing of monitoring results and changing the
pricing strategy takes from 3 days to 1 month on average,
which does not give the necessary effect of an immediate
reaction to market trends. PowerPrice reduces the time spent
on monitoring of competitor prices and analyzing reports up to 1 hour.

Solution for mobile monitoring is a mobile app for field staff
and the control panel for tasks setting and reports. Send tasks
to mobile devices of field employees and receive reports
on prices and assortment of local competitors.

Best pricing strategy -
in several steps


Easy start

It is very easy to start monitoring
of competitor prices and assortment. Assign
employees responsible for data collection
and pass the list to our managers.

The database of employees will be
integrated into our platform, after
that you can download the application
to staff smartphones, managers of the company
will have access to the control panel.



In the control panel managers
create a calendar monitoring plan and
set tasks for the field staff.

Each task contains the date and time
of execution, the address of the competitor's
outlet and the report form.


Data collection
and report generation

The appointed field employee visits
the specified outlet of the competitor
and starts monitoring. The «start monitoring»
button is disabled if the GPS module of the
application does not identify the appointed
person in the desired store.

The field worker fills in the report form,
indicating the competitor price for a similar
product and attaches a photo of the product
and the price tag.


Data processing and reactions

The data from reports is uploaded
to the control panel automatically for further
analysis of the local market, determining the
optimal price for the goods and the strategy
for problem points.

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