price and inventory
management system

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Price intelligence helps you
be more attractive than your
competitors and increase sales
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Follow market trends and raise
prices. React to your competitors’
strategies and stay the most attractive
in the eyes of your customers
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Automation using
machine learning

Utilize computer vision
and data analytics to optimize
and simplify processes.
Managing prices has never been
so easy. The system does repricing
automatically 24/7
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79% of clients
consider price to be
the most important factor
when choosing a store

Advantage of PowerPrice

Quick Integration
and deployment

PowerPrice is easy to configure
for business of any size: from
major retail chains to small
retail outlets "shop out front".
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One intelligent tool
to manage prices
and sales

Starting from an app powered by computer vision for competitors’ prices monitoring to automated repricing and stock management all is incorporated in one tool - PowerPrice.
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PowerPrice processes huge
amounts of data and factors
that affect demand, and allows you
to assess the effectiveness
of strategies right after their
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Reduce costs
and increase speed

Price monitoring and shelf audit reports are automatically processed and price adjustments or stock checking is made. Paper reporting is no longer needed.
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